Group classes are a great way to develop a solid obedience training foundation while working through distraction. Having your friend right next to you in class can be hard! We will introduce all the basic stuff: positions (sit, stand, down), recall, intro to leash walking, greeting manners, leave it, and stay at a foundational level. We also discuss during class how to properly socialize your pup, put your consequence systems into play, daily doggie needs, alone time, body handling, and basic training theory. If you would like to get a head start on your puppy's training program check out our 2 hour Puppy Right Start consultation. 

Sound Puppy Class

 This is our signature puppy class appropriate for all puppies aged 8-18 weeks. Sound Puppy focuses on a puppy's key developmental stages to help head off serious behavioral problems later in life. By setting a solid foundation for a lifetime of good behavior this 6 week puppy specific program is fun, education, and absolutely essential! This course runs in a series, 1 hour per week for 6 weeks. No make-up classes are available for this course. Doors open 10 minutes before class begins, please bring vaccination records on your first day of class. You can view our Terms and Conditions here 

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