Group classes are a great way to develop a solid training foundation while working through distractions! We introduce all the basic concepts, obedience cues, and practical tools of puppy ownership at a foundational level. Most importantly, we cover how to properly socialize your pup during the crucial ages up to 18 weeks--and how to continue that calm demeanor into adolescence.

Not sure if you should start with a group class?  Check out our 2 Hour Puppy Right Start in-studio private consultation, and get a head start on that puppy training toolbox.

* If the minimum enrollment threshold for a class is not met, the affected series may be rescheduled or in rare instances, cancelled. We will notify you at least 48 hours before the first day of class.

** Puppyworks is Beta testing a new scheduling system - if you have any questions or technical problems, please let us know via our CONTACT FORM