Good puppies make good dogs. Here at Seattle Puppyworks our goal is to help your puppy learn to love learning. And to stop peeing on the floor. Let's talk about it. 



Sound Puppy Class ages 8-18weeks

Pro Puppy Class (Sound Puppy prerequisite)

Pro Puppy II (Pro Puppy prerequisite)

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Personal instruction

We offer a 2 hour comprehensive Puppy Right Start consultation to cover all your pressing puppy questions. Contact us for a training appointment or take a chance and drop-in Monday - Friday between 12pm and  6pm to see about availability. 

Puppy Day Training

Puppy Day Training allows you the freedom to drop your pup off for a full or half day, knowing they have spent their time in supervised play groups, potty training, and working on polite greetings with their human and canine friends. Click here for more info and registration

Puppy play

Play with other puppies is a great way to help your puppy learn to use their mouth softly when playing, how to greet your human and puppy friends politely, and burn off a little of that extra puppy energy! Check out our drop-in play options here