Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my puppy have to be to attend Seattle Puppyworks playgroups? Puppies between the ages of 8-18 weeks are welcome! Your pup must be at least 8 weeks old, or younger than 18 weeks old to attend.

Can I bring my puppy if they are older than 18 weeks?

  • Yes for group classes, as long as your puppy is 18 weeks or under by their first session.
  • Because our studio services are designed to provide socialization and learning foundations for young puppies prior to the onset of adolescence, puppies older than 18 weeks will not benefit from playgroup-focused approach and are not able to attend.
  • For dogs older than 18 weeks (not attending class), we offer private training provided by our network of certified trainers. No puppy gets left out.

What vaccinations are needed for attendance? Breeder or veterinariny record of at least first-round vaccinations for Canine Distemper, Adenovirus & Parvo, often abbreviated (DAP/ DhPP / DAPP) are required for ALL services.

Are you a daycare for puppies? We're actually much closer to a primary school. We provide a safe, trainer-guided space for puppies to learn and grow together. Puppies with well-rounded social skills become sound adults who make excellent companions. Our Puppy Play service functions as a space for puppies to receive crucial feedback from both trainers and other puppies about what behaviors help them succeed and communicate. A daycare doesn’t foster the intentional growth of their dogs - but that very passion is why our company was founded!

What will my first visit look like? On your first visit to Puppy Play, you’ll bring proof of first round vaccinations and your pup in a flat collar/body harness or carrier. The first visit is a 30 minute FREE trial session with other puppies, and you’ll sit with us to help your pup feel comfortable in a new space. Our trainers will talk with you and share their observations about play styles, behavior, confidence levels, and specific advice for your pup during play. At the end of the 30 minutes, the trainers will let you know how your pup did and what services are open to you next.

My puppy is very shy, will he still benefit from Puppy Play? We have hundreds of happy success stories from pups who started out from the safety of their parent’s shadow. It is entirely normal for pups to be wary of a new environment, and especially cautious with lots of new puppies around! We encourage the development of each pup as an individual and if a pup is showing small improvements and gaining confidence - we let them explore at their own pace. There’s never any pressure to play, explore, or interact with others.

If a puppy seems too overwhelmed by the experience, we may recommend other avenues for building confidence before using our services. Our top priority is the pup’s overall wellbeing and development!

What services do you offer?

  • Puppy Play is our drop-in playgroup, available Mon-Fri: 10-6pm
  • Our Sound Puppy Class, which is a 6-week course focusing on the foundational basics, relationship building, and puppy-essential know how.
  • We have one in-home class, Pro Puppy, which is a 4-session course continuing the foundation from Sound Puppy, and personalizing growth for your pup at home.
  • We also have ourA Puppy Right Start, an in-studio, 2 hour private session with one of our trainers. It offers a fully-rounded toolkit to get you and your pup off to a quick start.

Do you have a phone number? Because we spend our time focused completely on your pups, there’s no in-studio phone. The best ways to contact are email , chat with us on Facebook, or stop by and chat with us in person! We'd love to meet you.

I’ve missed a class in Sound Puppy, what are my options?

  • Not to worry, your Class Homework is emailed the following day after a session. If you've missed a class, the homework provides a detailed summary of the lecture materials and exercises covered. Please follow up with your instructor if you have specific questions, or to schedule time after a class for review.
  • Know you're going to miss a class ahead of time? While we cannot guarantee an available session, there are often multiple classes running at once. Talk with your instructor to see about securing an alternate slot.