All puppies must pre-register for play

Puppy Play Socialization

$14 / per 30 min

For puppies 8-18 weeks, we begin with 30 minutes of socialization play with other puppies. Available at the hours listed above for puppies in good health, proof of  one round of vaccinations is required. Pups can play for as long as they have energy.* Your first 30 minute visit is free. Bark!

Play is an absolute necessity for proper socialization, bite inhibition, impulse control, confidence and greeting manners with human and canine friends. Our highly skilled staff monitors play closely to ensure all puppies get the proper level of interaction and fun. Big, small, shy, or gregarious ... everyone is welcome!

PLEASE UPLOAD or BRING: Records for one round of vaccinations (DAP / DhPP) from your breeder / rescue / vet on your first visit to our studio.

* Learning should always be fun, and we work diligently to ensure your puppy has a great time. First-time visits are kept to 30 min, as this is a good threshold and ends play on a happy note. Play sessions are extended as your puppy gains stamina, and our trainers will work with you to find the perfect balance.

Please plan ahead! Appointments must be scheduled at least 2 hours in advance

* Last Call for Play: 30 minutes before close

Day Play (Daycare)

$59.98 / visit

*Prerequisites: Day Play is available for puppies who have completed at least one Puppy Play session AND their solo trial, demonstrating confidence, stamina, and good play skills without a parent present.

We strongly recommend no more than 4 hours per visit — most puppies do not have the social stamina to benefit further.

Socialization is critical for young pups, and with our Day Play services we've got you covered all day. This provides a full-day option to let your pup hang with friends and work with our puppy coaches on socialization, greetings, manners, bite inhibition, potty training, exercise outlets, and other enrichment activities. A very few pups jump head first into long days, many others need a few warm up rounds before they are ready to go the distance. Drop in for a 30 min. play session and let us help your new pup on the path to success.